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Friday, June 26, 2015

there once was a girl

There once was a girl who said all the wrong yeses and all the wrong no’s,                
she was one who was worse than her foes.                                                                

She had a heart that was tender and mind that went deep,                                          
but she wanted a man who her soul he would keep.                                                

She was liked by some and loved by a few,                                                                         
still she lay on her bed at night wondering what she should do. 

Keep searching, keep searching, keep searching she thought,                                      
but she could never quite find what her heart truly sought.                

After looking and looking she settled on some,                                                                  
but she quickly kept looking when she realized we’re done.                                     

Then finally she met One who was different than the rest,                                            
she noticed that He was concerned with her best.         

She followed whole-hearted and loved all that He showed her,                                    
like that He was enough, her looking was over. 

How closely they walked while His truth He revealed,                                                    
she was overjoyed that her soul He now healed.                                                             

One day, to her surprise, He brought a new man to her path, 
but all she noticed was his dirty blue hat.                                                        
She looked closer to find something in his heart unexpected,                                      
that he too loved this God they both once neglected.

She was thrilled that his heart had met the One too,                                        
and now she knew exactly what to do.

Fall in love, fall in love, fall in love they did do,                                                                 
they loved the One and now they loved each other too. 

Days turned to months and months to years,                                                               
they laughed many laughs and cried many tears.

They dreamed and they lived and shared in much joy,                                                    
but then it was time to knock on His door. 

And though their love-long days had come to an end,                                                   
they knew they would see their One, truest friend.

Come in, come in, come in to my home,                                                                              
I’m thrilled to welcome you two with my song. 

They hugged and they danced and they sang for forever,                                           
they were finally home, complete, together.